Lifting & Elevating Inspection

To Perform visual safety inspection and functional test as per the highest form of quality inspection and activity into a more safe, reliable and effective performance of works as per the manufacturer’s and international standards practice and requirements in all and various types of elevating lifting equipment such as:

1.Mobile Crane

2.Articulating Boom Cranes

3.Side Boom

4.Elevating Work Platforms / Manlift

5.Powered Platforms / Sky Climbers

6.Vehicle Mounted Elevating and Rotating Aerial Devices / Bucket Truck

7. Fixed Cranes and Hoists / Overhead and Gantry Cranes

8.Constuction Tower Cranes, Portal and Pillar Cranes.

9.A-Frame and Mobile Granty Cranes

10.Below – The Hook Lifting Devices

11. Lifting / Spreader Beams, Man-basket , Manually lever Operated Hoist

12.Elevators / Escalators Marine & Offshore Cranes, Storage Retrieval Machines


1.Auger 14.Hammer Truck Motor
2.Excavator 15.Grader Scraper Tractor
3.Dump truck 16.Equipment for Soil / Asphalt
4.Forklift 17.Grader Rock Drilling Machines
5.Cable Plows 18.Tractor Scraper Rollers
6.Motor Grader 19.Air Compressor
7.Blower / Sucker 20.Welding Machines
8.Traxcavator 21.Hydro Test Machine
9.Pile Drivers 22.Front End Loader
10.Power Boom Dozer 23.Ditcher/ Techncher Backhoe
11.Asphalt/vibrator Compaction 24.Generator
12.Thrust Boring Machine 25.Blasting Equipment
13.Crawer Drill