Drop Survey

An independent dropped objects survey is conducted onboard to identify equipment and items mounted in the derrick, crane or other areas at height that may have potential DROPS hazards.

A list of inspection criteria is then prepared for common items or “equipment families” found on a rig, such as flood lights,sheaves, or safety gates.

Each item is then labeled with specific inspectic criteria to be performed by rig crews.


With increasing emphasis on the prevention of dropped object throughout the industry,the need for more vigilance and awareness of your workplace and the surrounding environmental is essential.

Offshore and onshore, dropped objects are the main cause of incidents in the oil and gas industry.SIS works to prevent dropped objects incidents. To assists our clients maintaining a safer working environment, we provide a web-based reporting software for Dropped Objects Survey


Upon completion of the survey each client receive an inspection book. This book contains valuable information from the DROPS survey and provides the end user with a systematic approach to preventative Dropped Objects Inspections which consists of the following.

  • Description and Inspection Frequency of the area to be inspected
  • Photograph of the item to be inspected
  • A photo ID number to be used in conjuction with the rig maintenance system
  • Description and ¬†location of the item to be inspected
  • Primary and Secondary retaining methods
  • Inspection Procedure
  • Condition Pass/Fail
  • Comments Section