Lifting Gear Inspection

ECI  shall perform

  1. Lifting Gears Registry (Sheaves, Snatch Block, Slings, Webbing    Slings, Shackles, Turn Buckles,Swivel….)
  2. ECI shall be responsible for the Certification of Lifting Gears and  Lifting Equipment as per ASME, ANSI, BS, API, SAUDI ARAMCO  GI’s and ARAMCO SWIM Matrix.
  3. ECI shall set up a plan to make sure that all inspections are carried  out on time and also manage a recommended inventory level of  portable Lifting Gear & Lifting Equipment to be held within  CLIENT sites, determine correct deployment of Loose Lifting  gears around the site and establish the correct inventory
  4. ECI shall assist CLIENT departments to set up Lifting Gear &  Lifting Equipment tracking systems and to train their people on  how to store, track and visually inspect their assigned Lifting  Equipment.
  5. ECI to inspect only items identified by the CLIENT, and all such  items (lifting gears) shall be color coded to confirm that an  inspection has been completed. Any Lifting Gears found lying  without color code; such Lifting Gear should be quarantined and  not to be used unless inspected by ECI.