ECI Enables Online Certification

ECI Enables Online Certification

ECI inspection reports are compiled with the inclusion of substantial photographic and visual references making it easier for post inspection work to be completed. Core sections are also made available online at where the client can securely log in, access, interact with and update certain sections of the report.

  • ECI shall provide “Web base” online data base access for all lifting equipment certifications.
  • ECI shall provide ONLINE access to data base as well as Certification through our website by giving unique user name & password.
  • ECI shall provide final report with Photograph of each item for NDT Service.
  • ECI shall provide equipment location, Primary & Secondary recommendation, Failed Items Report.
  • Certification Package will be provided on Both Hard / Soft copies.
  • View and search all visual, test, MPI and corrective action registers
  • View the corrective actions register (CAR); which highlights all major findings during the Inspections, as well as allowing the CAR to be updated to its current status, which acts as centralised “live” document between those involved; for example the Rig Manager (offsite) and the rig personnel (onsite).
  • Create lists of equipment added to or removed from the rig site.

ECI has become industry renowned for its accurate, intuitive and detailed reports which provide practical tools for clients to utilise in working towards improvements in safety and efficiency. We understand that providing the best report we can, gives our clients the best tool to implement improvements. We also know that information is only of use if clients can find what they are looking for and easily interpret our findings, therefore ECI’ reports are laid out in a manner that our clients have had as much say in as we have.

We know that each rig is an individual operation and each inspection we conduct is different, therefore our work-scopes and reports are carefully tailored to meet the requirements of each job.

Compiled using easy to understand terminology, report binders are sectionalised via custom made “quick reference” dividers and soft copies are electronically bookmarked, making report navigation effortless.