Load Testing

Load testing helps to identify the maximum operating capacity of an application/device/equipment.

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Load Testing

ECI is capable to conduct load test on Lifting Equipment & Appliance, BOP Hoist, Offshore Crane and BOP Lifting Frame, etc, in compliance with API specifications,ASME, LEEA requirements and relative international standards.

To perform visual, safety inspection and functional test as per the highest form of quality inspection and activity into a more safe, reliable and effective performance of works as per the manufacturer’s and international standards practice and requirements in all and various types of Crane and Lifting equipment such as:

  • Elevating and Lifting Equipment
  • Capable to develop a load test procedure to all lifting equipment and crane type on international standard from 0.5 tons to 2,000 ton capacity.
  • Equipped with 12.5 tons to 100 tons load cell (with updated calibration certificate) heave slings and shackles.
  • Equipped with solid steel weight from 150 kilograms to 2345 tons and available at all time.
  • All types of Mobile Cranes (All-Terrain, Truck-Mounted, Rough Terrain, and Crawler/Locomotive with Telescopic or Lattice Booms…)
  • All types of Overhead Cranes (Monorail, Double/Multiple Girder Electric Mechanical-Pneumatic-Hydraulic types)
  • All type of Jib/Gantry Cranes (Pillar/Column, Wall, A-Frames, Davits) Tower (Hammer head/Luffing), Portal, Pedestal and Goliath Cranes.
  • All Below-The Hooks Lifting and Storage/Retrieval Devices and Accessories (Slings, Ropes, Shackles, Pad/Eye Bolts, Hooks and Lifting Tackles)
  • Aerial/Powered Platforms, Man lift/Personnel work Platforms (Scissor lifts, Aerial Rotating lifts, Sky-climber lift, Vertical and Suspended Platforms) Articulating Boom Trucks, Escalators, Elevators and Dumb waiters)